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JD Showreel 2010 JD Showreel 2010

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

I don't like how you left the sound effects.

You should've taken out the sound effects for your demoreel.

But other than that, you've got some good art! Would hire if I was hiring.

Also, one more thing: where I live, it's still November 13th. :P

The Justin Bieber Show The Justin Bieber Show

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

This was very random...

It took me a few times to make me laugh, but once it did, I couldn't stop. Good job!

Bowja From His Cashle Bowja From His Cashle

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


That was horrible and awesome simultaneously.

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Stealing the Diamond Stealing the Diamond

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Great sequel!

This game was an excellent follow-up to Escaping the Prison, but I think my favorite part was all the video game references. The Minecraft one was my favorite - it cracked me up! This game also has lots of replay value, what with all the medals. Nicely done, PuffballsUnited! I look forward to more! 5/5, 10/10

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PuffballsUnited responds:

Glad you like it!

Achievement Unlocked 2 Achievement Unlocked 2

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Achievement: Made an Awesome Game!!

Superb work as always, jmtb02. This is just as good (probably better) as its predecessor. One glitch that somewhat takes away from the game, however: When you flood the building , the hidey holes become visible before even finding them in the first place. Not saying that it should be fixed (noobs, I'm winking at you), but just a suggestion. Anyway, this game presented quite the challenge, and I'm proud to say that I completed it. The ending was totally awe-inspiring. I was crying my eyes out on the inside. So what if I don't have a sister who needs help moving her apartment? Who cares when you have achievements? Who cares when you have an excellent game. 10/10, 5/5, and 250/250. Definitely looking forward to Achievement Unlocked 3.

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Riddle School 5 Riddle School 5

Rated 5 / 5 stars


I originally thought Riddle School 3 was the best of the series. I stand corrected. The gameplay: best in the series. The graphics: best in the series. The story (especially): best in the series.

<SPOILERSPOILER> My two favorite parts of the story was when (a) Phil managed to keep the game E-rated by killing Smiley in an unexpected way and (b) when Viz said "Evil-doers deserve their own taste of evil!" just before he ironically got blasted with his own ice laser. </SPOILERSPOILER>

Very nice job on ending the series. 10/10, 5/5, and favorites.

Dream on,

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Iceman -X Style- {MM1} Iceman -X Style- {MM1}

Rated 5 / 5 stars


Just wow.

I cannot believe how unpopular this is. This seriously deserves more popularity.

SM64 - File Select SM64 - File Select

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Nice job!

It sounds a lot like the original!

Katamari Chip Katamari Chip

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

You are so awesome.

The only part I didn't like was at 1:27 when the "na-na-na"ing was a bit out of tune, but other than that, I love it.

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elektrikshoos responds:

Ooh, I didn't notice the out of tune part at first. Thanks for pointing it out, I'm definitely fixing that.

Recent Art Reviews

Craig on the phone Craig on the phone

Rated 5 / 5 stars


It looks very professional. Nice job.

Sydney Shark game artworks Sydney Shark game artworks

Rated 5 / 5 stars


For once, it's not an Animated GIF with Maus.

Nice Art!

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